Landscaping completes a Parry Sound cottage masterpiece

PARRY SOUND SIDEROADS AND SHORELINES — Every masterpiece needs the perfect frame, and a cottage is no different. No matter how stunning the build, it’s the surrounding landscaping that completes the picture.

But Parry Sound isn’t like the landscapes we see gracing the pages of gardening and home décor magazines. It’s a unique setting, memorable in its own right, but also a far different canvas from which to work. 

“The rugged and rocky terrain produces some of the most beautiful and natural looking landscapes, but it has challenges in terms of landscaping,” explains Nick Bowman of Bowman Landscaping and Excavating. “On a flat terrain, you start with a blank canvas to build your masterpiece, but most times in this area, you start with a half-finished canvas, and you need to manipulate it and add to it in order to perfect it without ruining its natural beauty. It requires an eye and a talent, and lots of experience.” 

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