Septic System Installation

Outside of the town centers, there is rarely any municipal sewer and water lines available; septic beds are a must. The landscape of rocky terrain as well as the prevalence of island properties makes septic bed installation more difficult in cottage country. They are a need that is often forgotten about during the excitement of planning a new cottage or house. At Bowman, we have the equipment and knowledge to install the bed, regardless of the challenges faced by your respective property. From designing to installing, we can complete the job from start to finish.

  • Conventional Leaching (trench) Beds: Only used in certain circumstances
  • Whitby Beds : These beds take up less space and are the most popular.
  • Advanced Treatment Systems: They have the smallest footprint of any system. These technologies are a little more expensive but allow for development of lots, where development wouldn't be possible with traditional beds.

Why Septic Beds aren’t a good DIY project:

When installing septic systems, it is important that you comply with ‘The Ontario Building Code,’ which regulates sewage disposal systems. In addition, the beds must comply with township bylaws and Hydro One setbacks. It is best to consult a licensed designer to complete applications to a municipality/ Conservation Authority to ensure that the bed will comply with the laws. Also, homeowners are not legally able to install Advanced Treatment Systems.

Required system size depends on the number of bedrooms, fixture units, and floor area of all buildings on the property. Soils need to be assessed, and challenges are present from sloping lands, bedrock, and water tables. Licensed installers or designers who have a BCIN should assess these factors.